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The Councillors had in early 2023 discussed the existing Parish Rooms and the general feeling was:
“The Parish Rooms are under-utilised and outdated. We need to find ways to maximise the use of the playing fields and capitalize on our prized asset, the play area.”

In May 2023, the Council applied for a Community Capacity Fund Grant. If awarded, this grant would cover the costs of employing an architect or design company to assess the current state of the Parish Rooms and develop improvement plans. The grant would fund architect fees up to and including the submission of any required planning permissions.

On May 17th, the Council held a meeting with Parish Rooms users, community groups, and members of the public to explain the ongoing process to improve the Parish Rooms. Attendees were invited to share their ideas with the Council. During the meeting, the Council outlined the grant application process, which would cover design and planning stages up to a full planning application, if needed. It was emphasized that there would be no cost to parishioners via the precept, as the grant was sourced from Levelling Up funds. Additionally, any funds required for the renovation would be sought through further grant applications once planning permissions are secured.

In June 2023 the Council was informed it was to be awarded the Community Capacity Grant.
As part of the grant application process quotes had been received from 3 Architects and the Parish Council agreed that Marraum, Penryn, would be engaged to carry out the design works,

During the next few months Marraum visited the Parish Rooms and conducted various surveys of the existing building.
The official start of the ‘Project’ with Marram started in November.


In the Autumn/Winter 2023 edition of the Parish Newsletter the Council published an article and provided information on the process of public consultation and requested feedback from the Parishioners.
The newsletter can be found here: link here:

Feedback received can be viewed here: (link)

During the next few months Marraum, using the feedback received and a briefing, worked on various designs that would be presented to the Councillors.

In February 2024 Councillors visited Marraum’s offices and were shown several design concepts.
It was decided that these should be reduced to 2 designs to take forward to a public Community Consultation

parish room plan

Presentation of concept designs by Marram took place on 10/04/2024
The designs can be seen here
Members of the public were invited as part of our Community Consultation and feedback forms were completed.
Link to completed feedback forms here (link)

The public feedback was given to Marraum and they will work on providing one design for the Councillors to consider.
If approved, Marraum will move on to drawing up technical designs for a planning application.