Various updates and news from Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change.

Training Opportunity – Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C)

Please find below a link to an Eventbrite session CN4C will be running on Friday 19th March at 11am. The purpose of this is to talk about how CN4C can support people back into employment or to start their own business.

This is by design an informal session to give a chance for community members to come and talk to me about their employment aims, goals and objectives.

If any of you have someone on your respective caseloads that would benefit from talking with me I would welcome the opportunity to meet with them. Should they wish, following this meeting they can join any of our employment projects that suits their needs. We also have the ability to add value to their journey through a multitude of other activities and projects within CN4C if this is something that they wish to explore.

Thank you for supporting us in our mission to help our community members back into employment.


As our schools are reopened to all pupils, we need to make sure that parents, grandparents and carers do all they can to ensure everyone sticks to the rules to keep everyone safe. This includes not gathering in large groups at dropping-off or picking up times, and not allowing children to mix outside school until the social restrictions are further relaxed by the Government. Home schooling has been tough on children, and on their parents and carers, and we want to make sure that this return to the classroom is not short lived. 


Many of you will have already received your census reminder in the post, which should be completed on Sunday, March 21.

As you know, despite prolonged lobbying, there is no ‘Cornish’ tickbox as a default on the form this year.  However, people who want to identify as Cornish on the Census will be able to do so by ticking the box marked ‘other’ under the nationality, ethnicity and language questions and then writing or typing in ‘Cornish’. 

CN4C are running a campaign – Leveryn dhedha agan bos Kernowyon – Let’s tell them we’re Cornish – and encouraging everyone that identifies as Cornish to do so.

The more people who do so will help influence how services are planned and funded in Cornwall, and will also help provide information about how the Cornish are performing as a group across the country.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

Important COVID links 

All coronavirus related enquiries or issues to our dedicated email address This email address is monitored throughout normal business hours. 

For vaccine questions, please email, or visit the website COVID-19 vaccine information – NHS Kernow CCG – NHS Kernow CCG 

Anyone who needs help can request a volunteer by ringing 01872 266988 or emailing  

Find out more about the support available for businesses here: Business Rate Support Council Tax Support and Growth Hub